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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blunder Go Primetime; Lose 10th Straight

In front of the Blunder's first nationally televised ESPN audience, The Hornets triumphantly returned to Oklahoma City on Friday and left with a resounding win, 105-80. In truth, it wasn't even that close. Merciful New Orleans coach Byron Scott pulled his starters in the third quarter as another Blunder blowout was unfolding. Chris Paul put on a dazzling display of moves and finished with 17 points, one of five Hornets scoring in double figures. The Hornets improved to 6-5 and looked like the playoff team they ascended to last season.

Soon to be ex-Blunder, Kevin Durant led OKC with 17 points on another weak shooting night, going 5-13. Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook shot a combined 10-33. That's not going to get it done in this league. Green officially led the Blunder lowlights with an 0-6 performance in 29 minutes to finish with three points.

I finally had a chance to see the Blunder play for the first time, thanks to ESPN. I was saddened at how bad this team really is and what this once-proud Sonics franchise has become. Lifeless, dinsinterested and overwhelmed are terms that came to mind. The young guns are trying, but in the end they are simply cannon fodder for the more mature teams in this league.

The commentators waxed philosophical about how great the NBA was in Seattle and how they fully expect a team to return there soon. They mentioned how many NBA players told them they missed playing there, as a member of the Sonics and others as a visiting team. They raved about the great atmosphere, knowledgable and passionate fans and the amazing city itself.

This disaster is a result of Bennett's calculated decimation of the team in Seattle to minimize local support and ease resistance to his planned move. It is absolutely unfair to Seattle, OKC and anyone paying to see Bennett's Blunder.

Interpol should demand that crime scene tape be placed around the Ford Center as a reminder of what Bennett has done. Ruining the NBA for Seattle fans and forcing this abomination on the wishful-thinking fans of OKC is practically criminal. At the very least it is cruel and unusual punishment.

The best line of the night was heard as a Blunder player made a move to the hoop and missed; "A million dollar move and a five cent finish". Thank you, Kevin Collabro.

Blunder losing streak at 10.
Next loss: tonight at New Orleans.

As they said in Spinal Tap; "These go to 11".
Tonight, so shall the Blunder losing streak.


JAWA said...

"A million dollar move and a five cent finish".

That can also be used to describe the relocation of the Sonics to OKC.

Hats off to Kevin Calabro indeed!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog very much, and your posts have been right on the money.
--ParallelForest (formerly of the Seattle Times board).

Anonymous said...

The only thing you failed to mention was that the ESPN broadcast amounted to something of a love fest for the fucking Okies. Someone said Calabro was on KJR and was going to take OKC to task or at least challenge what they did. Nope. None of that. I guess Calabro's future with ESPN is cemented. FOKC and fuck the Blunder, too. New Orleans might beat them by 50 tonight. lol

auroraave said...

JAWA - love that line! Brilliant!

Parallel! thanks for the props! Nice to hear from you. Keep checking in!

Anon: Of course the broadcast was going to be tilted in OKC's favor. It's OKC's first big game and it should be addressed as such. I watched half the game and did not find the announcing to be pro-OKC at all. In fact there were several pro-seattle exchanges. You keep it neutral as a broadcaster and I thought they did a nice job considering Colabro's history and the fact they were basically color commentating an NBA funeral.

There's no need for them to bash OKC or Bennett - the team on the court, the fans leaving early and the disaster this has turned into speaks volumes on it's own. People know it's a bad situation. Don't you think?