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Best logo in the NBA

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blunder Continue Title Run; Add Krstic

The title for worst record in the NBA, of course.

"It felt like we won a championship," forward Desmond Mason said after Friday nights victory.

Which, of course, they didn't. The Blunder held off Toronto 91-83 to snap an eight game skid on Friday night in OKC.

With orange and blue streamers falling from the rafters and the crowd standing to cheer, it could've easily been mistaken for a much more significant victory.

It wasn't. 27 games into the season and the Blunder won for only the third time and have that championship feeling. Way to lower the bar, Clay. Future ex Blunder Kevin Durant had 24 points and eight rebounds in 43 minutes, another heavy night minutes-wise for KD. Earl Watson had zero points in 17 minutes, Chris Wilcox missed four free-throws in an 18-second span and Nick Collison added five fouls to lead the Blunder low lights. Grievance counselors consoled the shell-shocked Raptors as they watched the Blunder celebrate at their expense.

Bennett's Low-Budget Blunder continued their title run by signing NBA cast-off Gonad, er, Nenad Krstic to a three-year $15 million dollar deal. In late July, Krstic left the NBA for Triumph Moscow and now he is on the verge of returning to the NBA. Let's hope he hasn't gotten used to the word "triumph". At 7 feet and 240 pounds, he is exactly what the Blunder need in the post...if he can stay healthy. He's coming off torn ACL injury that cost him his job on the Nets. His biggest asset is that he comes cheap for Bennett's Budget Blunder and after playing in Moscow, perhaps he wn't be horrified at playing in OKC.

Blunder: 3-24
Standings: Last
Next Loss: Cleveland.
Win streak: Yeah, right.

Memphis update: Lost to Charlotte on Friday 112-83. Rudy Gay led the Grizzlies with 17 points. Memphis fell to 9-17 on the season - last place. Next game: Clippers on Tuesday

New Orleans update: Defeated San Antonio on Wednesday, 90-83. They're 15-7 and tied with Houston for first place. They host Sacrmento (7-20) Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

$15 million for a post-knee-surgery, journeyman bum? They would be foolish if it is a guaranteed contract. I personally want it to be guaranteed. Anything to help this team bleed financially.

There must be a reason why the only team willing to sign him is the Blunder. This organization appears destined to make the Clippers look great in comparison.

JAWA said...

Can't wait for Cleveland to bring the Blunder back down to earth tomorrow. And from looking at the next couple of games, it appears they'll embark on yet another losing streak.

I wonder if Lebron will play more minutes than the 17 he played the last time his team played the hapless Blunder.

Anonymous said...

anyone want to venture a guess when the blunder might actually win 2 in a row? Is next season's schedule out yet?