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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dirk Drops 46, Blunder Drop a Deuce

Dirk Nowitzki dropped a season-high 46 points as Dallas held off the Blunder on Saturday night, 103-99. Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant had 22 points on 8-18 shooting. Center project Johan Petro had zero points on 0-3 shooting in 17 minutes while Jeff Green and Desmond Mason each had five fouls to lead the Blunder lowlights. The former Supersonics lost for the first time in Dallas since the move to OKC, a move Maverick owner Mark Cuban vehemently opposed. Dallas improved to 13-9.

Bennett's Blunder, on their 2008 U.S. Tour of Defeats, lost in their 12th different NBA arena of the season and are now all deuces, falling to 2-22.

According to the OKC Thunder website, you can now scratch-and-lose in the Oklahoma lottery in two different ways! You can scratch and win no money or scratch and risk winning Blunder tickets. Is that even legal? Is this how they intend to urge folks to the game? Where are all the promotions and giveaways? How about Clay's Colossal Corndog deal; three corndogs for the price of three!

And don't forget to piss off that special relative or co-worker this holiday season by gifting them an official OKC Thunder "Excellence" polo shirt. Give the gift that keeps on losing. At a mere $55 and with a 2-22 record, that's $27.50 per win! The first place Lakers sell their polo for $45, just FYI.

Blunder: 2-22.
Standings: Last
Losing streak: 6
Next loss: Sunday vs San Antonio.


Anonymous said...

I thought about looking at the blunder's schedule to try to estimate their next best chance at maybe making it past 2. Before I even started clicking the mouse, it dawned on me that there is no 'real' chance for the blunder in any NBA game. Perhaps if they play an exhibition game against a mediocre high school team. Next win: One damn lucky day for these poor saps called Blunder.

Anonymous said...

take a look:
OKC shares the honor of 2nd worst record through 25 games.
Do you think Clay will put a plaque up in his office to commemorate?

Anonymous said...

I love on the ESPN simulations that they play the whole season via computer 5000 times each day. The Blunder average 17 wins per season (which I think may be generous) and their worst season they ended up 2-80. So there is still a chance. Good going Clay! You're making history!