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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bennett's Blunder Bumble - Embrace New Losing Streak!

The Bobcats got double-doubles by Emeka Okafor (25/13) and Sean May (10/11) to stave off the lifeless Blunder in Charlotte on Wednesday night, 103-97. Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant led OKC as he always does with 24 points on a strong 9-12 shooting night. Gonna miss him when he's gone. Heck of a player when used correctly. Nick Collison had two points in 16 minutes while Chris Wilcox kicked in 6 fouls to lead the Blunder lowlights. The Bobcats inproved to 7-11 while Bennett's decimated Blunder fell to a league worst 2-17. I know it's weird, but it almost seems as if this team was intentionally built to be this bad. Wait a minute....

Bennett's selfish talent purge to enable his move ruined this team in Seattle. Now the good fans of OKC are bearing witness to Bennett's Debacle to go along with $55 "Blunder Excellence Polo". Congratulations Clay, you've created the ultimate oxymoron in clothing AND sports. Hey, the Blunder have a double of their own! Good times, kids.

Rumors are swirling that the Blunder are losing so much money that they, along with Memphis and New Orleans, are petitioning the league for loans to stay afloat this season. Like many experts and fans suspected, it ain't gonna work out in OKC no matter how hard the good fans cheer. Two fan bases have been victimized by Bennett's selfishness and Stern's obnoxious ego. How are the owners going to respond to a request for money from Bennett, already? If these rumors turn out to be true, this will deservedly be a giant egg on Stern's face. Let's see how he supports Bennett through all this. They must be held accountable.

Basketball ruined for fans in two cities. One-fourth of the way through it's inaugaral season and allegedly preparing to ask for hand-outs. The $55 dollar 'excellence polo'. Fan ambivilance developing towards this team. Hey, another double-double! Thanks Clay. Thanks Stern.

More corndogs! More losses! More Blunder!

Blunder: 2-17
Next Loss: Friday at Orlando


Anonymous said...

From MSNBC columnist Ira Winderman writing about the 1st month of the NBA season (12/4/08):
We thought... Oklahoma City would not be very good.

But we didn’t know... That the ownership team that had this move in mind for years would carry it off so ineptly.

Wouldn't the shift of cities have been the perfect time for a coaching shift? Instead, P.J. Carlesimo is brought along to kiss babies (sorry about the mustache scratches, kids) and shake hands, only to be discharged less than a month in.

So instead of arriving with a marquee, or at least charismatic, coach, a shift is made on the fly to Scott Brooks.

Would have adding a known-quantity free agent been too much to ask, especially when the lottery pick is the underwhelming (from a marketability standpoint) Russell Westbrook?

Anonymous said...

OKC Thunder, The Sarah Palin of sports!

auroraave said...

Nice post, anon. Ineptness is the perfect word for this ownership group. They've literally redefined the word 'Blunder'. Who would have thought that at every turn they would bumble the job. Hiring PJ to begin witih was a pretty ominous sign.

TheChef said...

every day it keeps getting better! let me drink it in...