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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blunder Play Blackjack - Hit 21 (losses) !

Like a royal flush, the misery continued for Bennett's Blunder as they came from 21 points ahead to lose to the Memphis Grizzlies, 108-102. Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant has 28 points on 9-18 shooting in 41 minutes but it wasn't enough as OKC lost it's fifth in a row. The Grizzlies were led by Rudy Gay's 22 points. OJ Mayo extended his streak of scoring in double-digits to start an NBA career to 22, trailing only Dan Issel (27) and Bobby Jones (24). Earl Watson had 4 points in 35 minutes and Jeff Green and Nick Collison each had five fouls to lead the Blunder lowlights.

Memphis, a team rumored to be on the market, improved to 7-15.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the Blunder are turning to hugs for answers. ... tory_photo

Two things are troubling about the article. The first is that someone actually wrote an article in the sports page about hugging. Ok, fine...slow news day, I get it. But on the right side under "Thunder Madness", they actually misspelled their home team name - it says "Thuder". THUDER. Go look! How can the team be expected to flourish when their own fans cannot even get that right?

On the front page of ESPN is a podcast link to an article "David Stern and The Seattle Debacle". You can download the podcast and start listening between the lines; they are paving the way for a team to move. Stern admits The Seattle Center Coliseum is a "viable arena in the short term'. I strongly suspect behind the scenes they are actively trying to right the wrong in Seattle and position a team (I think Memphis) to relocate in the very near future. I would not be surprised if a team was in Seattle as early as next season. Think about it; a team like Memphis, last in attendance and openly on the market, a viable arena option in Seattle, and if the Ballmer group re-emerges, well, you can draw your own conclusions.

Say it with me; Sonics basketball will be back in Seattle within two seasons.

Blunder: 2-21
Next loss: Saturday at Dallas.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to have the current Grizzlies roster here in Seattle. Gay, Gasol, Conley, and Mayo could be an exciting group if they stay together. That's a big if how things are run in Memphis.

Anonymous said...

Do they sell many "Gay" jerseys? I'll bet that's an awkward one in Tennessee.

JAWA said...

It's funny that the Blunder were up by 21 points at one time in the game and yet, they still managed to lose their 21st game of the season.

Coincidence!? You decide!

newbie said...

You really have to hand it to Bennett. He was too good. He was such an expert at creating a failure to assure the move from Seattle that his work just can't seem to be undone. His failure is perfect and seems to be irreversible. This reminds me of the damage Ryan Leaf did to San Diego years ago. I think it took them about a dozen years to rebound from that major fail. Wonder how long it will take the Blunder to undo all of Bennett's masterful work. He achieved his goal 10 times over.

auroraave said...

Bennett certainly knows how to undo a franchise. Not just physically by purging talent, but mentally by instilling a losing mentality to such a tragic level that may not be reversable until this franchise moves again. I suspect within 5 years this debacle will be in Kansas City or elsewhere. It'll take years to get Bennett's stink off this franchise. He sunk this team so low that a 20-win season would be considered a success. That is just unthinkable - even for a moribund franchise like the Clippers.

I strongly suspect tehre will be a SOnics team in Seattle within two years, and even as soon as next season would not surprises me at all. AFter the all-star break it'll start heating up.

Anonymous said...

Quite simply put Blunder = Epic Fail

auroraave great blog and I hope to hear more info from you about a new team coming here.

Gene Hunt

Anonymous said...

I agree - great blog. Finally someone giving bennet the kick in the balls he deserves. well, that's assuming he has any balls left. probably traded 'em to cleveland for a sack to be named later. Go Blunber!

acompleteunknown said...

Interesting that the Blunder keep losing, giving you more to write about for your blog...coincidence?