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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blunder Lose "Worst-Ever" Match Up - Embrace Oblivion

In a battle of the 'worst-ever' records, the Blunder clung valiantly to their losing streak on Saturday night, falling to the Wizards, 104-95. Sporting a combined 7-50 records before the game, Washington snapped their eight-game losing streak while extending OKC's to four. The Blunder, trying to confuse the Wizards by playing in their New York Knick tribute uniforms, have lost 12 of 13 games.

Playing without leading scorer Caron Butler mattered little to the Wizards as Andray Blatche had 19 points and a career-high 15 boards and Antawn Jamison had 29 points to lead Washington to their fifth win. OKC lost for the 28th time. Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant led the Blunder with 25 points and 11 rebounds in 42 minutes. Another night of 40-plus minutes logged. Robert Swift contributed nothing, literally, as he had zero points, zero rebounds and zero assists in five minutes to lead the Blunder lowlights. Recent acquisition Gonad Krustyac, the $5 million dollar man and future of the franchise, did not play.

Some memorable quotes from the post-mortem:

"Not one guy in this locker room is a loser. Unfortunately, we are not getting wins like we feel like we should." Scott Brooks. Scott, a 3-28 team has plenty of losers.

"We knew they were a good team, way better than their record shows." Jeff Green. Everyone is better than their record shows when they play the Blunder. And you're singling out a five win team for praise. Ouch.

"I was a man possessed to keep the team in Seattle". Clay Bennett. If getting rid of all the team's talent, all the local ties, all former players in the front office, moving the local broadcasts to an unknown station, hiring a PR person from OKC, leaking emails that show intent to move the team from the beginning, and then demanding a $500 million dollar arena be built outside of Seattle were all part of your strategy, I would suggest another one.

This game was so bad that ESPN showed the highlights in black and white as a joke. The Blunder are the first team ever to lose in both color AND in black and white in the same season. Congratulations on another milestone achieved for Bennett's Blunder. The Blunder "Excellence" polo is still selling for $55 on their website. More willful misrepresentation, like calling the Blunder "an NBA team."

Blunder: 3-28, 16.5 games out of first place.
Playoff outlook: Grim.
Wims: few and far between
Next loss: Phoenix on Monday.

Memphis lost to San Antonio in double overtime to drop to 10-20 on the season. OJ Mayo had 29 points.
Next game: Minnesota on Monday.

New Orleans: 17-9, 1 game out of first place behind San Antonio.
Next game: Indiana on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

"...a man possessed to keep the team in Seattle..." Wonder how many OKC folks wish now that Bennett had succeeded.

acompleteunknown said...

There's nothing more exciting than waking up to a OKC loss...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything on PJ? Is he back in Seattle or what? Doesn't his family live there? I wonder what happened to him. Any chance bennett would be dumb enough to bring in Calvin Sampson to coach the Blunder?