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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Number 24...

Divided by two equals 12, and 12 is a much easier list to make. C'mon, did you really think I'd play that number card twice? Speaking of twice, the Blunder have only won twice this season. The Clippers enjoyed some Blunder, er, Southern hospitality, leaving OKC with a 98-88 win on Tuesday night. Los Angeles improved to 7-17 while watching, in awe no doubt, as the Blunder raced out to 2-24.

Editor's note: '2-24' is not a typo.

Future ex-Blunder Kevin Durant led OKC, as always, with 25 points on 9-18 shooting while logging 41 minutes. I don't like Durant, a smaller framed player, logging heavy minutes night after night. I'm concerned they are going to run him into the ground or into an injury. Take it down a little, to around 35-38 minutes. Here's a random list of twelve. If you see a pattern in it, that's because you're insane. There is no pattern.


1. Cities without an NBA team from last season. One. Seattle.
2. Blunder wins, Duh.
3. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: 3. Great Movie. It is also the Blunder motto.
4. Fouls by Jeff Green along with 13 points on 6-15 shooting in 29 minutes.
5. Rebounds by Durant, along with 25 points in 41 minutes.
6. Dr J. The man never had to face the horror of seeing a "Thunder" jersey lined up across from him. He is a lucky man.
7. Seven letters in Corn Dog. You know you want one.
8. Eight game losing streak.
9. January 9th. A Blunder loss to Houston to look forward to.
10. I think my point was made on #3, frankly.

Blunder 2-24. Last place. 15.5 games out.
Next Loss: Friday vs. Toronto

Memphis Update: Lost to New Orleans 91-84 to fall to 9-16. Rudy Gay had 30. They have won four of their last five and are in last place, 7 games out.


Anonymous said...

Now that the new goat, uh I mean coach, has tied PJ's record, does this officially absolve PJ as the cause of the Blunder's early tailspin? Did he have any part in creating the massive heap of baby blue and orange crap or was he just a keeper of the crap until he got pinned as the scapegoat?

Neb said...

PJ was a total ass. I'm sad that he left, as I now hate the Blunder that much less.

auroraave said...

PJ was a fall guy. he's not responsible for the mess. Bennett and Presti are. Honestly, did you really think PJ was hired to make this team good? It is my opinion he was hired because he has name recognition, so it gives the illusion of competency, but in the end they knew it would be awful. It was a silly and hollow spin tactic to aid the teams departure by hiring a guy who was in no way a smart fit for this group. But you can argue his case as he has past credentials. It just seemed so obvious to me what they were doing - a name on the surface that makes viably headlines, but should you read the fine print, you know it's doomed to fail

It seemed to me he knew all along he was a dead man walking in this position - he recognized why he was hired - to fail. Did it ever appear he thought he could do it? What did you ever hear from him that gave the illusion he expected longevity or success with the Blunder? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

If PJ was hired for name recognition, it wasn't for good name recognition. By the time he was hired by the blunder, he was already a well-known, laughing stock, failure by league standards. I think he was hired to provide just one more reason for Seattlites to be disgusted with the Sonics and not attend games. His hiring confirmed that the Sonics would just suck for the remainder of their stay in Seattle. Of course PJ won't produce a winning team. He's a choker (or is that chokee?)

acompleteunknown said...

I blame Oklahoma. I think the team is purposely losing so they can be moved to somewhere/anywhere more, Tehran, or Tijuana.

Anonymous said...

I think acompletunknown has a point! Go OKC - I hope you achieve that goal. Anywhere but OKC

Anonymous said...

The Burbank Blunder has a nice ring to it...

Anonymous said...

Wenatchee Blunder. Colfax Blunder. Neah Bay Blunder!